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Who We Are

The product Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix which is owned, created and founded by husband and wife duo was established in Feb. of 2012.

The michelada recipe is a family recipe that has been around for decades. Initially made solely for family events, the married duo decided to start distributing the mix after an increase popularity among friends and family.

“We would make it in bulk for parties because everyone loved it so much, 1 bottle was never enough” said Elisa, the Vice President of Ojo Rojo Distribution Inc.

Word of the product has grown fast throughout social media channels with people tweeting, hash-tagging and sharing their photos for their love of Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix on the company Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.The handcrafted & aging technique is what separates us from our competitors.



OJO ROJO Bloody Michelada

OJO ROJO Cucumber Bloody Mary

OJO ROJO Snapper – Tini


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