Questions that you may have

What is Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix?

A tasty mix you add to your beer of choice for a Michelada (Bloody Beer), Vodka for a great Bloody Mary, or Tequila for a tasty Bloody Maria.

What’s it made of?

Tomato base compacted with herbs & spices for that great kick everyone craves for.

What else can you use Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix for?

It’s great for Ceviche (Seafood), Coctel De Camaron (Shrimp Cocktail), marinate your steaks (Carne Asada), Chicken, Ribs, or Birria (Barbacoa).

Does Ojo Rojo contain M.S.G (MonoSodium Glutamate) or H.F.C.S (High Fructose Corn Syrup)


Does Ojo Rojo contain any alcohol content?


Does Ojo Rojo need to be refrigerated at all times?

NO, only after you open the bottle after purchase. However, I recommend a cold Ojo Rojo at all times.

What is the Shelf Life after opening the bottle?

40 Days. Keep Refrigerated after opening.

Where may I purchase a bottle?

Please refer to the store locator in the website.

How can I become a retailer for Ojo Rojo?

Please refer and fill out Wholesale Application in website.

Why is Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix different from similar products or other brands?

Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix is the pioneer and originator of this type of mix to ever hit the market. Many may try to imitate but have never succeeded to duplicate. Made with love at every batch and extremely grateful for all the support Ojo Rojo receives on a daily basis. CHEERS!